Coloring Tips


For Excellent Color Results!

  • Always consult with your customer first. A great idea is to show them color swatches so they can get a visual of what their color will look like.
  • Make sure you use a chemical cape to protect clients’ clothes.
  • Apply color to clean hair as product buildup can affect your color result.
  • Apply color to the grayest and most dye-resistant areas first.
  • Apply hair color in small sections. This ensures better gray coverage and better end results.
  • Timing of the hair color process can be affected by the tenacity of the hair. The climate within the room can also affect your results.

Shampoo Techs

It is essential to educate your shampoo techs on the art of performing a satisfactory shampoo for your customers. This is especially true if they are working on clients who have just received a color treatment. Appropriate color removal from the hairline is of vital importance to yield a great result from your color and cut.

Our Tips For Using ByeDye

Tip #1

Before applying color, it is always advisable to use a barrier crème or Vaseline around the hairline, being very careful to avoid the hair itself so as not to adversely impact the color application.


Tip #2

After your color has processed and the customer is at the shampoo bowl, use a cotton round to rub ByeDye gently in a circular motion around the entire hairline. Shampoo, and then reapply.


Tip #3

ByeDye also assists in removing hair color from your clothes! Simply apply, then gently rub your clothes and rinse with water.


Tip #4

It can also be used to cleanse your hands. You should always use gloves to apply hair color, however, if some staining should occur simply apply ByeDye to your hands, work it into the stains, and rinse.


Tip #5

Do you provide waxing services? ByeDye has soothing botanicals that can be used before and after waxing to prep and soothe the skin. Apply ByeDye with a cotton round to the area, blot with a tissue, then proceed to wax.  After waxing apply ByeDye again to the same area and let air dry.


Tip #6

Important – Bye Dye is most effective when applied with a cotton round vs. a towel. This equates to less waste and, therefore, is more cost-effective.