Margot Post Shear Images in New Market, MD

Finally, a color remover that really works.  We used to stock several different color removers and we were always looking for a better product, something that really did what it claimed and actually got color off.  Since we started using Bye Dye it is the only one we stock.  Thanks for bringing it into our salon.

Sally Secola 100 West Hair Studio

Not often in our line of work does something truly different come along. When introduced to ByeDye, I’m sure you know we were skeptical. We tried it immediately and were blown away! I personally have been in the beauty industry for over 35 years and never have used a color remover that worked so well.

Emon Zaki Sherif Zaki Salon & The Oasis Spa in Wilmington, DE

We are salon owners of a very high-end reputable salon and spa in Wilmington, Delaware for the last 20 years. We had been using a product called Clean Touch until 2010 when we discovered this amazing product, ByeDye Color Stain Remover. We love the fact that it has all-natural ingredients and safe for all ages to use. We feel that it enhances our color business with the ease that it is applied and the results that have been proven. Our guests are grateful to leave our salon with a clean hairline and face, not to mention the fantastic smell! This product absolutely delivers! Every salon should have a bottle or two in their color room dispensaries.

Shelia P. Tangles Hair Salon in Silver Spring, MD

ByeDye has helped our salon in two ways, the color customers leave the salon with a clean hairline plus it helps with soothing of the skin after a waxing service. We look at it as a good investment for the salon and our customers.

Angela W. Hairworks in Bethesda, MD

ByeDye has been a major part of the salon’s client retention. From the shampoo staff to the stylists, we all feel more confident in the level of client service.

Pam High On Mane Street Hair Studio in Eldersburg, MD

ByeDye is the best color remover I have ever used. I have been in the industry since 1974 and nothing has ever taken off color from the skin like your product does. Even the darkest color is easily removed. There is no irritation to the skin at all.  By applying it before you even wet the hair and then shampooing, it takes all color stain on the skin away. I am happier that it is easy, and my clients are as well. We have not used anything else since we started with your product. I highly recommend it to all stylists and colorists. Thank you for making my job easier!!!!