Janice and John Brice have been in the salon industry for over 25 years. As owners of multiple hair salons and an acclaimed hair academy, both are licensed stylists and Janice is also a certified esthetician. John is a master of cutting and barbering techniques, while Janice‚Äôs expertise is in hair coloring and cutting.  She recently mentored under renowned celebrity stylist Beth Minardi, who specializes in cutting edge, brilliantly beautiful hair color techniques.  Janice also attended the Aquage academy in Chicago to focus on the latest trends in cutting and styling.

ByeDye was developed principally because Janice started experiencing chemical sensitivities to the products available for removal of hair color stains on skin. John and Janice worked together to develop an all-natural, non-toxic product that was efficient and did not cause irritation or any type of allergic reaction. Through time, effort, and much testing, they came up with ByeDye.

John and Janice have committed themselves to advancing their skills and education and giving back to the industry. By promoting ByeDye, they feel that they are assisting colorists everywhere in providing a more satisfying customer experience, resulting in increased customer retention.